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Michelle Curtis
West Bountiful
City Council

Make WB Walkable

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Ballots Due
November 2, 2021

Ballots should arrive in your mailbox around October 12. They can be mailed in, dropped off at dropboxes located in front of the West Bountiful City Hall or Bountiful Library, or at in-person voting on November 2 at the West Bountiful City Hall or Bountiful Library. For more dropbox or voting locations, go to:

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City Council

As your City Councilwoman, I would focus on representing your needs and interests. I’d advocate for increasing pedestrian and public safety through sidewalks, stop signs, and other safety infrastructure. I’d help the city build this infrastructure in a budget-friendly way through applying for untapped grants, working within our budget, and partnering with our citizens. I’d work to make public meetings more accessible, including broadcasting them online. I would bring a unique, family-friendly voice to the City Council. 

I graduated from BYU in dietetics and, for the last 7 years, I created and worked on the board of directors of a non-profit. This work gave me insight into running and growing organizations on a budget. I have attended City Council meetings regularly and enjoy learning about our city.

My husband and I chose to raise our children in West Bountiful because of the beauty of the city, its agricultural friendliness, and because this city was the home of our ancestor, James Fackrell, the founder of West Bountiful. We love and are proud of our heritage and hometown.

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My Vision

Keep the Magic of West Bountiful

Public Safety

Our children deserve to grow up in a physically safe environment. As a member of the City Council, I would advocate for greater pedestrian safety measures, including sidewalks on school routes, speed limits on major streets and school zones, the reworking of blind corners, and safe access to public transportation. We can work these issues steadily using grants available to all cities in Utah.

I would also advocate for our police to receive all the resources they need to continue to address crime in a timely and effective way.

School Bus & Children


We can increase transparency between government and citizens by facilitating their interaction. During Covid, we had Zoom meetings for City Council. This was my first experience with the council and it was amazing. I was able to listen and make public comment from home. We have a greater attendance at meetings when we broadcast them. I would like to keep that going now that the Council is meeting in person. In this way, parents who can’t find babysitters, individuals with schedule conflicts, and homebound people due to age, disability, or illness can still interact with the council. A community is better represented when all are able to contribute.


Fiscal Responsibility

I would keep us fiscally responsible, encouraging magnet businesses to open in our district, carefully reviewing budgets, applying for state and federal grants for public safety measures, and supporting policies that minimize the financial impact on our citizens.

Every year, state and federal grants are available to cities for the purpose of increasing pedestrian safety in the form of sidewalks, stop signs, street lights, speed limit signs, and other safety measures. 

I’d work to bring this revenue to our city so we can steadily improve areas that need it, without raising taxes.

Image by Michael Longmire


As your City Councilwoman, I would support policies to reduce water waste in our city. We can put in sidewalks that don't have grass strips, and encourage our citizens to find ways to be good stewards and reduce wasteful watering practices.

​I support tree planting programs for parking strips and yards to decrease the need to water grass, reduce air and thermal pollution, and beautify the city.

​I support the continued update of our water lines throughout the city to replace the old cast iron pipes that leak and are vulnerable to earthquake damage.

Lake View


I support the use of our funds from the RAP tax for developing public parks that can be used by all our citizens. I spend hours each week in public parks so I have a lot of experience with what makes a great park for all ages. I would love to bring that experience to approving new parks and to the maintenance of existing ones.

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A Bit About Me

James Fackrell, our family ancestor, was the founder of West Bountiful. I'll never found a city, but when I had the opportunity to purchase ancestral land I jumped at the chance. Our home is located in an area that used to be his farmland, and we love it. We raise a host of animals on our little farm, including chickens, ducks, turkeys, sheep, and cows. I home educate my children, and love learning everything I can in this life. I support education of all kinds and started an educational non-profit for South Davis residents to give local children the opportunity to expand their skills and connect to other members of the community. We spend a lot of time in nature, walking, playing, reading, and volunteering. My husband loves his work as a researcher for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints, which made us permanent residents of this area. We've been married for 15 years.

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